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Are you interested in Toxin Free Living?

Living and breathing can expose you to a cocktail of toxins.The toxins in persoal care products and cleaning products are being absorbed into your skin on a daily basis. Building up over time, toxins act as a slow poison to the body, overwhelming the immune system. Here are some of our favorite ways to reduce your toxic exposure to safeguard the health of you, your family, and your pets.

Why Choose Young Living?

Essential Oils are the heart of Young Living and the foundation of our product line. But did you know that Young Living is so much more than Essential Oils? Take a tour below and read about our essential oil infused products for your entire household. Clean healthy toxin free living for you and your loved ones.

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4 Refreshing Mocktails to Sip on This Summer

Is it even summer if you don’t have an ice-cold drink in your hand? I think not. Those sweltering, hot days call for a tall glass of something fresh, cool, and flavorful. Whatever your tastes, I’ve got you covered with this list of DIY summer mocktails the whole family can enjoy.

Cucumber Lemon Cooler

Looking for a drink that pairs well with your summer salads and grilling go-tos? Enter the cucumber lemon cooler. Refreshing and fizzy, it’s the crisp complement to any BBQ meal. Since the flavor is nice and light, use ice cubes or an ice ball instead of crushed ice to avoid diluting your drink too quickly. (Cubed ice will take longer to melt in the hot sun.)

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DIY Hand Sanitizer (håndrenser)

How to make DIY hand purifier with essential oils

When the things that used to be essential are getting harder to find, it’s time to break out the supplies and make them yourself! With just three household ingredients, essential oils, and a few minutes of your time, you’ll have a batch of DIY hand purifier ready to stock your shelves.

How do you make hand purifier?

The key to DIY hand purifier that works? The proper amount of germ-killing alcohol. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), hand purifier must have 60 percent alcohol content in order to be effective.

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DIY Thieves Waterless Hand Sanitizer/Purifier

Thieves Hand Sanitizer effectively eliminates common, harmful germs and bacteria. And it leaves your hands soft and smelling fresh and clean.

One of the tricks I use to stay healthy is a hand sanitizer. If you’re like me then you never want to run out. Did you know, “not all hand santizers are created equal!” That’s right! This recipe is toxin free and can eliminate up 99.99% of germs from your hands. Wow, right!? No harsh chemicals and it can eliminate up to 99.99% of germs from your hands. And, it’s safe for your kids too! Read More

My Monthly Wellness Kit

My monthly wellness kit has arrived!

I love this day of the month when my Young Living order arrives. So much goodness in every order, which is totally customizable including the date.

All the products to the right of the Lantern diffuser (Super Cal supplement, Sara essential oil, Marjoram essential oil, Orange Blossom Facial Wash, and Einkorn Granola) were free. That’s a value of 144.08 euro. Wow!! And, the Loyalty essential oil in the front is an annual gift to me for enjoying monthly wellness (on Young Living’s Essential Rewards Program) for 12 consecutive months! So many gifts for me and my family to enjoy!
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