My Monthly Wellness Kit

My monthly wellness kit has arrived!

I love this day of the month when my Young Living order arrives. So much goodness in every order, which is totally customizable including the date.

All the products to the right of the Lantern diffuser (Super Cal supplement, Sara essential oil, Marjoram essential oil, Orange Blossom Facial Wash, and Einkorn Granola) were free. That’s a value of 144.08 euro. Wow!! And, the Loyalty essential oil in the front is an annual gift to me for enjoying monthly wellness (on Young Living’s Essential Rewards Program) for 12 consecutive months! So many gifts for me and my family to enjoy!

Young Living has totally changed my life in so many ways. My home is toxin free and we are not putting any toxic chemicals down our drains. We can rely on Young Living products for everyone in our home including our pets. And what I can’t get from Young Living, I whip up in my kitchen. I love having total control over what we use in our home and the feeling of being more green and sustainable than ever before. It get a feeling of empowerment knowing that what we use daily on our bodies and in our home is nontoxic. And we’re not disrupting our immune systems or endocrine systems with toxins found in so many products purchased on the market today.

If you’re interested in knowing more about this easy and healthy lifestyle, comment below or send me a message. I’d love to help you get started on your greener and more sustainable journey. After all, it is the way of the future that needs tending to now so you can take control of your health, the health of your family, your pets health, and our environment.

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